Chicken Lo Mein

This is my new favorite recipe in a long time. The first time we made it, we tried the zucchini noodles and that was tasty. The second time we used stir-fry rice noodles, and that was amazing, too.

Try the bok choy, and it’s worth getting the oyster sauce and rice wine, since you’ll want to make this all the time.  When you get GF soy sauce, it may be listed as tamari sauce; just as yummy. I also toasted some sesame seeds in the pan before starting the dinner and felt fancy in the end. I used the fresh ginger but if you try it with the dried, let me know how it comes out. Even if you make this with the noodles instead of zoodles, I still recommend cutting up some zucchini and putting it in with the bok choy and carrots. It just tastes like stir fry, and is nutritious to boot.

Make sure everything is chopped up and ready to go before starting to cook. Making this with leftover chicken works too.  Oh, and the sauce bubbles up really quickly.

Oh, and put that fancy pan on high heat.  Even though the pan is designed to be hot on medium heat, it’s not hot enough for a stir fry.

Here’s the recipe, from Gina Homolka at


Recipe and image from


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