Granola bars

I’m already loving the Minimalist Baker, and have used a couple of her recipes. This one was the first.

When I bought dates, I didn’t notice that they were “processed in a facility that also processes wheat,” so I couldn’t use them. I had some extra cranberries on hand, and those were yummy as well.

The bars are good enough to eat every day without necessarily wanting to dump the entire pan into one’s mouth in one sitting.

Minimalist Baker granola bar recipe


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One thought on “Granola bars

  1. I made these again this week and…well, I learned more about the process. I had better luck with the first time around when I used cranberries. I used dried dates this week and they were too dry so wouldn’t hold together as well. If you’re going to try this with dates, try to get them fresh. They taste amazing even if they do fall apart, though, so it’s still a win. I’ll go back to cranberries, maybe with a mix of dried cherries, next time.


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