Salads in Jars

I’ve been living lunches by salads in jars. There’s a lot of info online about what veggies you can put at the bottom because they assume that we’ll put salad dressing in the bottom of the jar when we make the salad. I keep a bottle of dressing at work (Girard’s light champagne dressing) so don’t have to worry which veggies will wilt and which won’t.

I do try to put more sturdy stuff at the bottom and then put the lettuce at the top, so it doesn’t get crushed. Otherwise it’s pretty easy.

I’ve made my jar salads with carrots, celery, raw broccoli, sprouts (didn’t like that; wouldn’t do it again), tomatoes, jicama. Above that, in different weeks, I’ve put cooked quinoa, small white beans (yum), and barley wheat (which doesn’t actually have wheat). I’ve used spring mix, baby spinach, and a couple other blends for the lettuce. I top with a small handful of slivered almonds or pine nuts or pepitas. In the summer, I’m looking forward to including fruit as well.

I typically make these on Sundays but will make a couple more on Wednesday, since I don’t want them to go beyond a few days.

I’m in love with this jar, which is plastic, so it’s light. It also does have a little container for dressing if needed–I’ve used it a couple of times when I’m out for the evening. Don’t forget to bring a bowl.

jar my jars.JPG

Aladdin Classic Mason Jar,


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