Spice of life

One of the staples in my house is steak burritos, so I knew I had to find a GF version pretty quickly. While my solution not particularly inspired, it was tasty.

I cooked some steak in a spice blend I found on BudgetByte$, tossed a pack of basmati rice in the microwave, shredded up some cheese, and, at the last minute, cooked some corn.


It’s not as much cheese as it looks like – most of the mound is corn and steak. (Really.) Next time  I’ll make two changes: cook some onions with the steak (I wish I liked peppers but alas); and use a lot more of the spice blend. I didn’t realize until afterwards that all that spice was for just one pot of chili, so even though I thought I was using a fairly generous hand when sprinkling it on my steak, I should’ve used a lot more. Probably a quarter to a third of the mixture. I’ll also stop being a wuss and add the cayenne pepper.

Some salsa dabbed on top would also be a nice addition. So would some GF tortilla chips or strips, if any good ones can be found.

For being so easy and quick, I sure did manage to make a big mess on my stove. The longest part of making the meal was cleaning that up.


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