Fascinating Updates

That are fascinating.

I made the Lemon Chicken Bake again and followed my own (fascinating) advice: I dressed everything in olive oil and S&P while adding lemon juice and zest to the chicken only. It made a lot more sense. I wasn’t into lemon scented potatoes.

For the Steak Burritos in a Bowl, the leftovers were just as good as the original. I tossed the cooked beef into a pan to reheat, adding finely chopped onion, frozen corn, and more of the spice blend. Cooking the corn with everything else gave it a nice crispy, charred edge that suited it very well. More rice, more cheese, and it was fascinating.

As for the salad jars, I started with my own blend of carrots and celery, corn and peas, quinoa, cherry tomatoes, lettuce, and diced cooked ham. I approve of this combination. It’s hearty and doesn’t even fit in the bowl I have at work. I love that.


I tried my hand at the chicken-wild rice soup and am embarrassingly proud of how good it is. I recommend using the wild rice blend – it gives the soup and nice variety of textures and is satisfyingly fascinating.


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