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Quinoa corn potato chowder

This was pretty easy and tasty.  I thought at first that I had put in too many potatoes but quickly discovered that there is no such thing.  Still, next time I might try halving the amount of potatoes and doubling the quinoa to play with the texture.  This would be good with chicken or even fish like tilapia.  It needed more Old Bay than the recipe called for plus a generous dose of pepper.


Piccie and recipe from Trisha Yearwood, Food Network.


Sausage risotto

This recipe has been an old stand-by for a long time.  I keep risotto on hand and have used leftover chicken and ham and have tried adding corn to this this as well, but it’s definitely best with the sausage and peas.  It doesn’t need the wine but definitely needs the chicken broth to have enough flavor.  Double check that the sausage is GF, but many are so it’s not too hard to find.  Leftovers are also awesome.


Pic and recipe from al fresco all natural at

Awesome for leftovers–veggie roast

I tried this with chicken sausage it was yummy.  We also included the sweet potato (though any other type of potato would be good, too), Brussel sprouts, green beans, asparagus, zucchini (less successful; I don’t recommend it) and other stuff I think I’m forgetting.  The second time around, I added the green beans and asparagus about halfway through, and that worked better to keep them from getting overdone.  Oh!  I did one batch with some leftover yellow onion and another with some leftover shallot.  This is a great catch-all for leftover bits of stuff.


Image and recipe from Sarah Nicole on

Chocolate cake! And raspberry sauce too

For Bill2’s birthday, I tried my hand at the oxymoronic flourless cake.  It came out great–rich and fudgy but not too dense.  I thought it had a perfect  blend of sweet and bite. If you make this, be sure to put the cake on a flat plate. I put mine on a dinner plate and the cake looks like a meteor crater.  It’s an easy fix, though.


Recipe and image from click here

To be extra fancy, I also made a raspberry sauce.  The process was a bit of a pain but the final product was great. I’m not sure the cake really needed it so I don’t know if I’d make it as an accompaniment for this again, but it would be lovely with sorbet or berries.

If you follow this recipe for the coulis, it’s helpful to know that the lemon juice goes in at the start, with the berries and sugar.  Mine took more than 10 minutes for the berries to break down, and after I strained it, I added about a tablespoon of Chambord and cooked it some more so it would reduce (maybe another 10 min).